• Health Q & A’s

    Q:  At what age should you begin having your cholesterol checked regularly? A:  Age 35; If you are younger than 35, talk to your doctor about whether to have your cholesterol checked if you have diabetes, have high blood pressure, if heart disease runs in your family , or you smoke. Q: How often should…

    Health Q & A’s
  • Email Ettiquette

    As a former leader at Yahoo, it might be a surprise to hear Tim Sanders suggest that email is an Achilles’ heel. But for many of us, Sanders suggests email can be “friend or foe.” While email can be beneficial, he says if used inappropriately it can negatively impact relationships and advises these tactics for…

    Email Ettiquette
  • Hike For Your Health

    There are a bevy of benefits from hiking, and the Black Hills offers the perfect backdrop. By Kindra Gordon Beautiful scenery, the fresh scent of pine trees, blue sky overhead and a peaceful trail that unfolds in front of you. These are the ingredients for an inspiring hike in the Black Hills. Better yet, hiking…

    Hike For Your Health
  • Local Foods: A Journey Worth Taking

    Take Charge of the Ingredients You Serve Your Family By Lauren Harris Beginning with the day I started grocery shopping for my family, I practiced what I thought was the epitome of consumer diligence:  read the ingredients listed on the label. Every can, every package, every carton, had a label, and I would read it.…

    Local Foods:  A Journey Worth Taking
  • Destress Akela Spa offers international flare with local essence for residents, too!

    Nestled in a valley of green grass and surrounded by the Black Hills, a quaint pine-board building houses Akela Spa – one of the area’s newest attractions just one mile east of Deadwood. Akela Spa offers a plethora of relaxing and rejuvenating services such as massages, facials, and body treatments. “Akela is the only day…

    Destress Akela Spa offers international flare with local essence for residents, too!
  • Working Out – With Your Dog

    By Lucinda Schuft Staying fit is much more fun when you have an enthusiastic partner that eagerly urges you to keep up a routine. That partner may be already in your home – your dog. The walk or run will be great for both of you whether you get up and out first thing in…

    Working Out – With Your Dog
  • Stroke Warning Signs

    By Kindra Gordon   The sooner a stroke victim gets to a hospital, the better their chances of recovery. Yet fewer than two in five people recognize the key warning signs of a stroke, according to a survey from the American Stroke Association. Here is information all of us should know: A heart attack and…

    Stroke Warning Signs
  • Wise About Wellness

    What tried and true strategies might you add to your daily routine to enhance your health and well being or aid an ailment you’re struggling with? We posed those questions to health professionals in the Black Hills, and here they share their quick tips and advice: Keep The Winter Blues At Bay When the short…

    Wise About Wellness
  • Think Different!

    Guest Opinion By Lori Weischedel, CFT Fitness is not just about losing body fat and getting in shape. It’s about being healthy and well overall – having a good metabolism and body composition, preventing premature aging as well as the negative conditions that are associated with aging. As a 47-year-old busy mother of two, I…

    Think Different!

Yoli helps with Cystic Fibrosis

Sammie pink sweater ship portraitThere’s no cure, it’s progressive, and it’s fatal. Most people with it don’t live past their mid 30s. It will destroy your digestion and slowly shut down your respiratory system. Fortunately, I have a mild version of it, but still, I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Thankfully, my CF is much more manageable since I found and started using the Yoli Better Body System. I am Sammie Kephart from Spearfish, SD, and here’s how Yoli has changed how I live every day even though I have CF.

Most people with CF find out they have it before they turn 3 years old; it is genetic. But even though I struggled for years with digestion first, then with my respiratory area, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 35. That’s right. I went to 18 doctors in a 20-year period and got down to 91 lbs. By the time I was diagnosed, I could barely get to the top of our stairs, and reading to my girls every night was a coughing challenge at every page.

With the proper diagnosis and starting treatment for CF, I improved my lung function, improved my digestion, and started gaining weight. Finally, I was able to feel like I could do “mom stuff” and feel pretty normal. I just had to do my daily routine of clearing my lungs and taking prescription digestive enzymes, inhalers, bronchodilators and sometimes antibiotics, and eating a high calorie/high protein diet.

Fast forward to 2013, 11 years after post diagnosis. Remember, CF is progressive … each year, my challenges with digestion and respiratory increased. By this time, I had been on IV antibiotics, been to the ER (some trips via the ambulance), and been hospitalized. You can imagine the medical bills!

In July 2013, my friend tells me about Yoli – a company that makes an all plant-based (no soy either) product line that addresses multiple areas of health including digestion, blood sugar support, pH support, energy loss, hormone issues, weight loss, depression, and more. Even though I had tried so many products for over 20 years with no result, I was intrigued because of the pH aspect. I told her, “I’ve never seen anything that addressed and corrects “Metabolic Acidosis,” which is acidity THROUGHOUT your body, not just from your mouth to your stomach.

So, I tried it with little expectation for at least a few weeks. To my surprise, on the first day my pancreas and liver started clearing, my digestion started coming around, and the aches and cramping in my gut were gone. In the first week to 10 days, my gut was balanced, regular, and comfortable! After that my respiratory area started to improve. My sinuses were clearing and my lung clearance was easier to do. Also my arthritis in my left thumb and heartburn were gone! PLUS, my muffin top that came when I hit middle age disappeared!

I have heard of so many other people’s success stories with Yoli, but honestly, since my problems are genetic, I couldn’t understand how I was experiencing such improvement. I can honestly say that Yoli has changed how I live every day. Even at 47, I have the energy of a high school student. My digestion is award-winning J, my respiratory issues are much easier to handle, and I’m on fewer medications!

I will always be grateful that my friend shared Yoli with me. And since then, I’m committed to helping others transform their health and lives, as well.